Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation in Los Angeles Buildings

Large mold infestations require demolition of the non-salvageable wall material. When discarded according to local codes in Los Angeles, the exposed surfaces can then be sprayed with an antimicrobial agent, and then a mold and mildew retardant paint. Need help? Call SERVPRO.

Los Angeles Mold Damage

The commercial air handler created unwanted moisture in the poorly ventilated utility area giving rise to a mold infestation. Though Los Angeles is known for low humidity, the dormant mold spores take full advantage of this excess dampness. Rely on SERVPRO to quickly remedy the problem.

Mold Remediation in Marina del Rey

The mold development to this bathroom in Marina del Rey is in need of partial demolition of the drywall after the cabinets have been removed. The leak needs to be fixed to stop feeding mold spores, and the opened wall cavity requires an antifungal/antimicrobial application to sanitize and disinfect. Call SERVPRO for help in restoring a safe environment.

Mold Damage – Marina Del Ray Home

Mold damage remediation at this Marina Del Ray home required that a containment area be constructed before the mold cleaning began. The purpose of the containment area is to prohibit the spread of mold spores throughout the house during the mold damage restoration project.

Mold Damage – Los Angeles Garage

Mold damage occurred at this Los Angeles garage when an unnoticed leak led to extensive mold damage to the insulation in the garage attic. SERVPRO technicians had to safely remove all of the non-salvageable materials and safely dispose of them before treating the mold damage.

Skylights, Moisture, and Molds

This mold patch, even though exposed to the sunlight, did grow inside the framed skylight of this home in Marina Del Rey. Our SERVPRO technician scraped off the minor growth (catching the debris with a HEPA filtered device) and applied an antifungal chemical to the area.