Water Damage Photo Gallery

Los Angeles Water Drying Method

The billowing poly sheet is blue-taped down to a wooden floor to extract residual moisture trapped underneath the planks or within the tongue and groove joints. A Los Angeles homeowner may not be aware of the hidden and delayed effects of warping from incomplete dehumidification, but our SERVPRO technicians are. The air mover and the LGR dehumidifier ensure that we reach our drying goals and preserve our customer's property.

Westchester Home Has Too Much Water

The time to call SERVPRO is immediately upon discovering standing water in your Westchester home. We can mitigate losses with swift water extraction and drying with our top of the line equipment. Don't get hosed by other companies, call SERVPRO.

Thank You Note From A Customer

The team at SERVPRO of Marina Del Rey / Westchester / El Segundo received a thank you note from a customer. She wrote how our crew showed compassion and respect for her and her property. She also complimented us on our wonderful group of technicians. We love hearing from our customers, and We’re Here to Help!

Los Angeles Water Damaged Area

The leak soaked the flooring and baseboard in this Los Angeles closet. SERVPRO technicians can remove the water and use air movers and dehus (dehumidifiers) to capture the remaining moisture. Knowing how to restore a water damaged area, no matter how small, can prevent future issues revisiting the treated site.

Water Damage – Los Angeles Home

Water damage manifested itself at this Los Angeles home when the PVC pipe pictured developed a crack and subsequent leak. Eventually, the water accumulated and became too heavy for the ceiling to hold. The ceiling just collapsed under the weight of the accumulated water.

Water Damage – Los Angeles Moisture Detection

Water damage in the Los Angeles area can be diagnosed more efficiently when hi-tech devices such as the moisture measurement tool pictured are used. This device along with thermal imaging cameras are routinely employed by SERVPRO of Marina Del Ray / Westchester / El Segundo.